Welcome to mySLHorses!
Your Amaretto breeding database solution!
Offering an automated, detailed breeding, tracking and sales solution for your Amaretto Ranch Breedables from the virtual world of Second Life®

We aim to help you maintain accurate records of your breeding stock and give you an easy to use sales tool to track your sales history, and promote your own horses & bundles for sale.We use the Amaretto Breedable Horses API, and along with this we have a direct link to the Amaretto database which provides accuracy in pedigree information, and confidence for your customers.

Rez our one prim In-World sales tool "Pedigree Connection" next to your horse, or bundle for sale. WebLink will offer url links to Pedigree information and your own Personal Sales Yard! No communication to the actual horse or bundle is needed with laggy sensors etc. This script runs On Demand only and is very lite, making this an ideal solution for markets, store owners and auctions!

Privacy - Your own breeding stock is private to you. You will not be able to search on an avatar's name and find a full list of all their stock at this time. Only items for sale are available for the public to view, with or without pedigree information - this is your choice.

Confidence - Lost a horse due to grid problems? Use the information you have stored in our database to provide details to the Amaretto Breedables support ticket system.

The creators of this website have been in Second Life® for over 3 years, are sim owners and committed Amaretto Horse breeders. We co-own a breedables market sim, and have managed weekly auctions for many months and are moderators for one of the largest, market based pet breeding groups in Second Life®. In real-life we are long time professional web application developers & graphic designers with many international clients.

We have been endorsed by the owners of Amaretto Breedables, and work with them closely to provide a solid, easy to use and reliable system that will grow along with the horse community and its owners.
    mySLHorses.com includes the following tools -
My Horses – Your own private database to keep track of your breeding stock. Easy 1 Step process to import all Rezzed In-World Horses to your Breeding Stock, this will save many hours of manual input. It’s easy to see a list of bundles that your horse has produced. Every horse’s pedigree displays in two formats at the click of your mouse. An easy, stackable sort to find exactly what you are looking for. View all your horses for sale, sold horses, charmed horses in one click.
My Bundles - View all bundles that you have ever bred and currently have in stock, this enables you to see what you have for sale, what has sold and more ... sort, stack and search to find what you need.
My Account - Control your personal sales listings in the Sales Yard from here where every member can set up their own personal Sales Yard listing with your own Unique URL, e.g. http://mySLHorses.com/MySalesYard.aspx?syn=ANY NAME OR WORD YOU CHOOSE. This will display only items you have for sale.
Support Desk - Well we hope there won’t be much need for you to use this as we have taken every care to give you a solid solution. In any case, we will promptly respond to all reasonable requests and suggestions.
Sales Yard – You will not have to waste time writing up lists of horses for sale for notices or long group IM’s. You can simply point customers directly to your own URL which will show everything you have for sale. With the SLURL you provide, your customers can TP to your sales place directly In-World. Providing pedigree information is optional. For your buying needs, a general Stock Yard listing is available to help you find the horse/bundle of your dreams. This can be found at the sales yard -  http://www.mySLHorses.com/SalesYard.aspx

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